Rainbow Day Nursery Gardens

We are very fortunate to have two spacious ground floor gardens, with a outdoor area in our baby unit (Cherubs). The gardens provide children with the opportunities to learn and explore in a safe and secure area allowing them to improve their skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. The areas also allow children to use their senses to learn about the world and make connections between the environment and their expanding knowledge.

 Our outdoor areas have been designed to offer a range of real experiences to create learning dimensions for all children, allowing children to develop an understanding of the natural world, such as seasons, weather and temperature, in addition to challenging and stimulating children’s individual learning styles and needs.

Our gardens include:
• Varied surfaces which allow children to experience different gross motor skills
• Planting areas for children to grow their own flowers, fruit and vegetables
• Areas for active play with cars and bicycles
• Areas for picnics and focused group activities

  • Garden1
  • Garden2
  • Garden3
  • Garden4
  • Garden5
  • Garden7
  • Garden8