The amazing Sensory Room

Within our nursery we also have a designated sensory room which has been designed to create a calming and relaxing environment where babies and young children can learn using all their senses. Within the room you will discover colour changing fibre optics, soft music, a bubble machine and textured walls.

Children are engaged through play in a variety of ways-from following the lights, patterns and shapes with their eyes to pressing the switch to change the bubbles as well as examining the sparkly fibre optics. The sensory room encourages children to be interested and excited by their surroundings but can also offer calm and relaxations.

The main objectives of our sensory room are to:

• create an environment that enables and increases sensory stimulation
• create an atmosphere that allows our babies and young children the opportunity to explore their environment and encourage activity
• create an environment that provides nondirective activities that help communication
• create an atmosphere that allows children to relax physically and mentally
• encourage social skills, interactions and awareness of others
• promote the learning and acquisition of new skills

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The sensory room provides an excellent opportunity for children to explore and investigate a wide range of equipment”