If every child leaves Rainbow with a smile, we have achieved success

Our aim

At Rainbow Day Nursery School we aim to provide an environment which allows children to become absorbed in their own play, with the assistance of a safe, child-centred and stimulating environment, that meets each child’s needs as an individual…….. ‘a home away from home’.

Furthermore emotional security is fundamental in enabling babies and young children to grow and develop and here at Rainbow Day Nursery our aim is for all children to benefit from our committed and experienced practitioners, who aim to provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment. Therefore, allowing you as a parent to feel happy in the knowledge that your child’s needs and best interest are being met.

Rainbow Day Nursery recognises that parents are children’s first most important and enduring educators and we therefore seek to work in partnership with you through creating a two way exchange of information, knowledge and understanding.


Opening Times


Rainbow Day Nursery provides full day care for children between 0-5 years, opening Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.00pm

All our fees
are inclusive of snacks and home cooked meals and are based over 48 weeks of the year to allow for four weeks free holiday entitlement.

Rainbow is open all year round excluding bank holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year.

To ensure continuity of care we advise that each child attends a minimum of two full days.

Here at Rainbow Day Nursery we acknowledge that parents’ needs may change over time. If you wish to change/swap any days please speak with the management team. One calendar months notice is required if a space is no longer needed. Refunds cannot be given for non-attendance, sickness or additional family holidays outside your four weeks free entitlement.

What can we offer you and your child?

Rainbow Day Nursery was formed in 1985 by one of the current directors. Throughout the years the nursery has earned an exceptional reputation, supported by a dedicated and enthusiastic childcare team, who strive to maintain and constantly seek to improve.

The nursery is light, airy and spacious with four key rooms and three beautiful garden areas which lead off from our rooms. We endeavour to provide a free-flow environment to allow children to self-select their play and bring the outdoors and indoors environment together, offering exciting and stimulating experiences for our children.

At Rainbow Day Nursery we are lucky to be surrounded by the beautiful parks, which provide children with opportunities to learn about the world around them and nature. Our gardens are safe and secure and offer a range of real experiences to create learning dimensions for all children.


Starting out

When joining Rainbow Day Nursery your child will receive all the care and attention they need. Here at Rainbow Day Nursery we acknowledge that starting a new nursery for the first time can be an anxious and emotional time. As a nursery we therefore have a huge responsibility to ensure that we get our approach correct.

Before your first day at Rainbow Day Nursery, we will encourage you to bring your child in for a series of ‘pre-visits’. This gives parents the opportunity to spend some time in our environment as well as leaving for short periods to allow your child to engage with the nursery practitioners. Each child will have their own key person, however at Rainbow Day Nursery we acknowledge that children form their own relationships over time and may bond with a particular practitioner. Therefore we allow your child a few weeks to settle and naturally gravitate towards a practitioner who will then be assigned as their key person.

Our aim during your child’s first few weeks at Rainbow Day Nursery is to lay the foundations of a happy, secure and stimulated childhood and their time at nursery allows them to blossom into confident and skilled individuals.

Getting to know your child

During your first ‘pre-visit’ session you will be given your parent transition pack which will enable us to begin to get to know you and all the necessary information such as contact details, name of people who will drop off and collect on a regular basis, sleeping and eating patterns, likes/dislikes and so on. Our aim as always is to provide a home away from home environment and this is reflected by using the gathered information during ‘pre-visits’.

This gradual process of short visits will help you and your child to become comfortable and familiar with all the practitioners and surroundings.


Healthy eating


A balanced healthy diet is essential in enabling children to grow and flourish both physically and mentally. Here at Rainbow Day Nursery we provide a varied menu of home cooking made on the premises which appeals to children and provides key nutritional elements. Vegetarians and Vegans are catered for as well as children with special dietary requirements or religious requirements. Copies of our delicious menu are given during your first ‘pre-visit’ session and are displayed in each of our four rooms, allowing you to complement your child’s diet with the food you serve at home.


At Rainbow Nursery School each of our four rooms are fully equipped with resources which allow children to become absorbed in their own play, in other children’s play and in shared play. Each room has an individual routine which is adapted to meet the needs of all children, enabling children to be cared for in our home from home environment. Activities are designed to promote and broaden key aspects of a child’s development.

Cherubs (from 2 months)

cherub1Babies develop faster in their first year of life than any other time. Within this first year, the excitement of sound, touch and sight will be accompanied by a series of very special firsts such as sitting, crawling and walking.

Our practitioner’s provide expert care and encouragement throughout their time in Cherubs, allowing children to experience textures, lights and creativity. Learning through play will help develop confidence and skills in this formative year and here at Rainbow Nursery School we aim to provide a gentle, loving environment in a homely atmosphere.

Sunbeams (from 15 months)

sunbeamsOnce a baby/young child becomes mobile they have no limits to exploring the wider world around them.

Our Sunbeam room is designed to encourage young children to use all their senses and motor skills, with textured boards and mirrors at their level and free access to stimulating toys as well as creative activities. Our experienced practitioners are on hand to guide and support young children through their developing skills, offering praise and encouragement at all times.

Buds & Blossoms (from 20 months)

buds-blossomsHere at Rainbow Day Nursery School every child is valued as an individual, allowing young children to develop at their own pace and enabling them to make their own choices and decisions to enhance their quality of play.

We also promote a ‘trail and error’ environment which encourages children to solve problems by themselves. By setting children achievable problems and goals they can begin to feel pride within themselves and thrive for further development.

Rainbow Explorers (from 29 months)

pre-schoolWithin Rainbow Explorer’s room children are provided with opportunities to develop and learn skills that fulfill their natural desires to explore and understand the world around them.

Furnishings and equipment have been thoughtfully chosen to create a high quality, age appropriate environment, allowing children to become absorbed in their own ideas and achieve their full potential.

We believe that children’s work is their play and therefore all our activities are fun, enjoyable and play-based.


At Rainbow Day Nursery we offer a curriculum that is individual, unique and values every child’s style of learning. The provision for children’s development and learning is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (DfE 2014). Children will be introduced to the EYFS through lively and interesting child/adult initiated activities which are approached at the appropriate level for their age group or stage of development. In addition Rainbow Day Nursery reflects the four overarching principles:

• A Unique Child: Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.
• Positive Relationships: Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
• Enabling Environments: Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and carers.
• Learning and Development: Children develop and learn in different ways. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early year’s provisions, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Children begin to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. The care and education offered by our nursery helps children to continue to do this by providing all of our children with activities that are appropriate for their age and stage of development. Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking, in turn helping a child to learn to think.


The areas of development and learning comprise:

Prime areas of learning and development:
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Communication and Language
• Physical Development

Specific areas of learning and development:
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding of the World
• Expressive Arts and Designs

In addition within the new revised EYFS (2014) it recognises that all children engage with others and their environment through the Characteristics of effective Learning:
• Playing and Exploring – engagement
• Active Learning – motivation
• Creating and Thinking Critically – thinking

Here at Rainbow Day Nursery our aim is to cater for the characteristics of effective learning through observing how children individually learn. We need to be clear as a provision how we will provide effective support for each child so that they remain successful and motivated learners.

Observations and Assessments


At Rainbow Day Nursery we use observations throughout the nursery to gather information in order to plan future activities and make assessments on children’s individual learning and development. By using observations, photographs and progress documentation we can celebrate all children’s achievements and set ongoing next steps to aid development. All observations and assessments are collected in a relaxed manner while children are learning and having fun. The nursery keeps all individual observations and records in personal folders and we encourage all our parents to regularly look at their folders and celebrate with us the achievements being made. We hold a parents evening every year to allow for parents and their key person to exchange information and operate a “doors open” policy to all our parents.

In addition the Early Years Foundation Stage requires that we supply parents/carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the three prime areas of learning and development. This happens when a child is aged between 24-36 months. The key person is responsible for completing the check using information from ongoing observational assessments carried out as part of our everyday routine and taking account of the views and contributions of parents and other professionals.


Transitions are a part of everyday life and begin from the earliest years, to help integrate children as seamlessly as possible and to allow for children to build positive relationships with key people, we encourage our children from all age groups to play together whenever possible and often arrange opportunities for the whole nursery to meet together.

As the children begin to get closer to moving to the next stage of the nursery, we ensure that regular visits are made to enable the children to get accustomed to the new room and practitioners. Once a child seems happy and settled they will then make the permanent move. Before this happens parents are invited to meet the practitioners in the new room and are kept informed at all times regarding any transitions.


Timetables and routines

Rainbow Day Nursery believes that care and education are equally important in the experience we offer children. The routines and activities that make up the day in the nursery are provided in ways that:
• Help each child to feel that they are valued within our nursery
• Ensure the safety of each child
• Help children to gain from the social experiences of being part of a group
• Provide children with opportunities to learn and help them to value learning

The nursery organises the day so that children can take part in a variety of child/adult initiated activities. These take account of children’s changing energy levels throughout the day. Our nursery caters for children’s individual needs for rest and quiet activities during the day. Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, their physical development and their knowledge of the world around them.


Here at Rainbow Day Nursery we provide protective clothing for children during messy/malleable activities. We encourage children to gain the skills that help them to be independent and look after themselves. These include taking themselves to the toilet and taking off, and putting on outdoor clothes. We encourage our parents to dress their children in clothing that is easy for them to manage and suitable for messy/malleable play.



Rainbow Day Nursery is a place where we support and understand the importance of laying the foundations for positive behaviour and role modelling to allow children to become happy, confident and well-balanced life long learners. Positive and good behaviour will be encouraged and praised. All our children will be treated as individuals and through play will encourage children to respect and value each other.

Special Needs

Within the nursery we meet all children’s individual needs, we also take into account any special needs a child may have. We follow the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

Equal opportunities

At Rainbow Day Nursery we are committed to providing equal opportunities for all our children by providing an environment that respects and values individuality. Resources are provided for the children to encourage knowledge about different values and cultural diversities. Within the nursery visual aids play a large part in supporting children’s learning, we are careful to select resources and images which reflect accurate and positive messages to the children.


Rainbow Day Nursery conducts a strict code of practice in regards to confidentially. All our practitioners are aware that confidential information may be shared with them concerning families and children. Practitioners understand that it is extremely important that this information is not shared unless they have permission of the parent/carer concerned, or it is essential for the child’s welfare in line with the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and Rainbow Day Nursery’s Safeguarding policy. All confidential information is stored in line with Rainbow Day Nursery Fair Processing policy which complies with the Data Protection Principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and amended in 2002.

Nursery policies

The nursery has a comprehensive “Policies and Procedure” folder that parents can view on our website using a password system. Please ask a member of the management team if you would like the password. Hard copies of the handbook can be provided for all parents to view.