Supporting Parents

As a nursery we recognise the importance of working in a true partnership with our parents and acknowledge that you are your child’s first foremost important and enduring educators.

We seek to work in this true partnership through these most precious and formative years to allow for the maximum possible impact on your child’s learning and development.

All Rainbow Staff are conscientious, motivated and believe that building strong relationships with parents provides children with the best possible opportunities of meeting their full potential.


“This is my second daughter who has been to Rainbow and just like the first one she absolutely loves it! She is so happy here with all the wonderful staff and resources.”

“You all do an amazing job. My daughter has grown so much since being here. Thank you”

“Great Parent’s Evening with so much on display, thank you. Lovely insight into Rebecca’s life at Rainbow! Can’t thank you all enough for making Rebecca’s days here so happy and safe.”

“Had a tear in my eye and a smile on my face as I read and learned about Liat’s time at Rainbow. She absolutely loves it here, the staff and the whole environment is wonderful.”

“We are thrilled and amazed with the developmental progress our daughter has made at Rainbows over the 18 months and she continues to thrive with the help and support of the staff. It is hugely reassuring for us to hear her excitedly chat and laugh about her time at nursery and she can’t wait to get there in the morning. All of the staff are so welcoming and comforting to the children and Holly is extremely fond of all of her key workers, often talking about them at home. We know she is 100% loved and nurtured at Rainbows and would recommend it to anyone looking for the highest level of childcare”.

“Rainbow Nursery has been the most supportive environment for myself and my daughter. Due to family circumstances I had to return to full-time work when my daughter was only 4 months old. Still exclusively breastfeeding it could have been a very stressful time for all concerned. With the support from the Cherubs team (particularly my daughters key worker, Ria) I felt totally welcomed and supported. I was given space to feed and express whenever required and together through trial & error, research and constant dialogue we established the best routine for us all. Due to this support I was able to continue breastfeeding until my daughter was ready to start the weening process which was very important for her.
I couldn’t be happier with the level of care that my daughter receives on a daily basis. She is truly happy at nursery and the Cherubs team are just an extension of our family”.

“Both of our children have been very happy at Rainbows. The wonderful team really care about each individual child and make them feel at home. The staff are very professional giving detailed feedback on daily activities and development. They work in partnership with parents and always try to meet preferences around the care your child receives. We would not hesitate to recommend Rainbows to other parents”.

“My son has been attending Rainbow’s since he was 8 months old and I couldn’t have picked a better nursery for him to attend. From the moment I first went to look around until now (he is almost 3) everyone has been so kind and friendly. I know that he is in good hands when I drop him off and he always comes home happy and full of stories. They have helped with all aspects of his development and really take an interest in his Wellbeing…..I’m not sure who will be more sad when he leaves him or me!”


Rainbow Day Nursery is a friendly, family run nursery in Poole that was formed in 1985. Our aim is to provide the highest quality care within a loving family environment.


Our practitioners regularly participate in training courses to enhance their knowledge and skills to ensure that they are up to date with current best practices.


As a nursery we pride ourselves on our experienced long standing members of staff including our nursery manager, who has been part of the team for over 25 years.

Play Areas

At Rainbow we offer a range of excellent facilities where ideas can be explored and experiences shaped. These specialized areas are available to the children on a daily basis so that your child will be involved in a whole spectrum of play and enjoyment.


At Rainbow each of our children are individual and unique. To ensure your child’s needs are enhanced and nurtured, each child has their own key person who will identify, support and guide them through their early years at Rainbow.


Our nursery provides quality care with the benefit of experienced practitioners who support and enhance this play to create an enriched, stimulating and resourceful learning environment.