Frequently Asked Questions

In order to decide which day nursery to choose for you child, you may have many questions that you would like answered. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions, however please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything else you need to know.

Is your nursery Ofsted registered?

Yes we are OFSTED registered- our registration number is EY364293. Please refer to the link to review our latest inspection report.

When is your nursery open?

We are open five days a week Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm. We are a full day care nursery and are open 51 weeks a year excluding the week between Christmas and New Year and Bank Holidays

Do I have to pay for holidays?

We aim to provide a high quality childcare service at an affordable price, and this is reflected in our fee structure. We base our fees on a forty eight week year, offering four weeks free holiday.

Does your nursery accept childcare vouchers?

Yes. We are registered with childcare voucher providers and are happy to accept childcare vouchers from both parents, even if they are from different providers.

Do you offer any discount for siblings?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount for the oldest sibling.

Do I have to pay extra for my child’s meals?

No. All meals, snacks and drinks are included in the fee structure. Children are provided with a freshly prepared healthy cooked dinner, a high tea including fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy snacks throughout the day. We also take into account individual dietary requirements such as lactose and gluten intolerances.

I am returning to work and am worried about settling my child into nursery. How will you help me with this?

As a nursery we understand that starting a new childcare setting can be an exciting but daunting for both parents and children. Our main aim as a nursery is to ensure that both our parents and our children feel happy, secure and welcome. We therefore operate a ‘settling in’ procedure which is supported with a welcome pack. We encourage you to come to our free pre-visits which are one hour long. You will get the chance to meet the staff in your child’s room and fill in relevant paperwork. Short sessions allow your child to experience the nursery without being overwhelmed.

What qualifications do your staff have?

The majority of our staff of our staff are qualified to level three with the remainder at level two or studying to gain this qualification. The Manager has a level 4 qualification in early years and the deputy manager has completed her foundation degree in early years – level 5. All our staff attend regular courses/training, relevant to their work and we are committed to their continuous development.

How will i know that my child is happy and progressing well?

As a nursery we strongly believe that children extend their learning and understanding through play and this will be a vital part of your child’s day. We are committed to following the Early Years Foundation stage and base our planning around children’s individual needs and interests. Children are offered a mixture of activities and learning opportunities, each child is observed and assessed against the early years foundation stage guidance.
Each of our rooms has an individual routine which is adapted to meet the needs of all children, enabling children to be cared for in a home from home environment. We operate a key person system and records of progress are maintained and shared by daily feedback, key person discussions and annual parents evening. All Rainbow staff are conscientious, motivated and believe that building strong relationships with parents helps provide children with the best opportunities of meeting their full potential.

What happens if my child is taken ill at nursery?

If your child becomes ill whilst at the nursery we will make contact and inform you of your child’s condition.  During this time we may administer your child with calpol etc, with your permission. If the child remains unwell we will make further contact for you to collect them. In the interest of all the children, it is important that you child is well before returning to nursery.

What if my child is ill and cannot attend nursery?

If your child is unwell we ask you to please telephone in the morning to inform us know that they will not be attending. Unfortunately no refund can be made if your child is unable to attend. We ask that children return only when they are well again.

My relative may collect my child from time to time, will this be ok?

When registering your child with the nursery you will be asked to complete a full child record form. On the form will be a section for you to state who is permitted to collect your child. We will also ask you to provide a password for these people. If however you needed someone else to collect you child, we would need to be told in advance and arrange a method of identifying them on arrival. This could be either by password or providing a photograph beforehand.

Does your nursery have a full set of policies and procedures?

Yes we have a full set of policies and procedures which cover all aspects of the nursery. They are displayed at the front main entrance and a copy of is available at your request. We regularly review our polices in line with regulations and legislation.