Transitions and Settling In

Starting a new day nursery for the first time can be exciting and daunting for both parents and children. For many parents it can be an anxious and emotional time. For children it may be the first time they have been away from their home environment and can be the start towards independence.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage, embedded in the foundations is the importance of working with parents/carers to ensure that children’s needs are met appropriately.

On deciding to join and take the steps into the world of Rainbow, we will encourage you to bring your child in for a series of ‘pre-visits’, where you are invited to stay for a short while with your child. During your first ‘pre-visit’ you will be given relevant information and a parent pack. The pack will include policies and procedures, room routines, the Rainbow family tree, lunch and tea menus and a checklist of items to bring. We will also ask you to complete a full child record form and information regarding your child’s current interests and current routine.

This gradual process of short visits will help you and your child to become comfortable and familiar with all the practioners and surroundings.

The Role of a Key Person

During the first few weeks of your child joining Rainbow you will be allocated a Key Person.

Your Key Person will:

  • Support and settle your child into their new surroundings and environment
  • Create a successful partnership with regular two way exchange of information, knowledge and expertise
  • Ensure your child’s individual needs are met and catered for through close observations
  • Establish a strong bond with your child, helping them to feel safe and confident
  • Respond sensitively to your child’s behaviour, feelings and ideas
  • Support your child’s learning and development with regular monitoring and tracking
  • Create a happy, loving and stimulating environment which allows for play, learning, fun and laughter