Where children are the heart of our home

Full day care
51 weeks a year

Where children are the heart of our home

Buds & Blossoms
from 15 months – 3 years

Where children are the heart of our home

Full Day Care
51 weeks a year

Where children are the heart of our home

Rainbow Explorers
from 29 months

Where children are the heart of our home

Full Day Care
51 weeks a year

Our Story

Our beautiful nursery has been present in our local community for over three decades and we are very proud and committed to providing a fun, happy and safe environment for children aged 0-5 years. Our three main rooms have been thoughtfully designed to inspire children to explore and investigate, alongside our mindful long-standing practitioners who help to ensure our children have the opportunities to reach their full potential.

We have built an exceptional reputation with over 35 years’ experience for caring for children, and we pride ourselves on making parents feel  at ease to leave their children in our trusted hands. Our reputation speaks for itself.

To arrange a tour or enquire about a place, please call – 01202 673581

At Rainbow Day Nursery School we have created

a fun, happy and safe environment for children aged 0-5 years.

Our Rooms


From 2 months. 

Our baby unit is situated on the 1st floor and is a wonderful room full of textures, lights and creativity where babies are encouraged to explore and be freely creative.

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Buds & Blossoms

From 20 months.

The Buds and Blossoms room is situated on the ground floor of the nursery. Within the Buds and Blossoms room the children enjoy a variety of activities and experiences designed to develop their independence, imagination, creative and social skills.

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From 2 years 9 months. 

Our Rainbow pre-school is held in its own large purpose built unit (with separate entrance) attached to the main nursery with rear doors opening into one of our large gardens.

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If every child leaves Rainbow with a smile,

we have achieved success.

At Rainbow Day Nursery School we aim to provide an environment which allows children to become absorbed in their own play, with the assistance of a safe, child-centred and stimulating environment, that meets each child’s needs as an individual…….. ‘a home away from home’.

Furthermore emotional security is fundamental in enabling babies and young children to grow and develop and here at Rainbow Day Nursery our aim is for all children to benefit from our committed and experienced practitioners, who aim to provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment. Therefore, allowing you as a parent to feel happy in the knowledge that your child’s needs and best interest are being met.

Rainbow Day Nursery recognises that parents are children’s first most important and enduring educators and we therefore seek to work in partnership with you through creating a two way exchange of information, knowledge and understanding.

Our Ethos


We believe respecting our children as individuals will encourage their personalities to develop, promoting their independence, creativity and resilience.


We believe Rainbow is a place for children to encounter authentic experiences which ignite their curiosity, wonder and awe


We believe everyone makes a difference and we embrace and encourage children to be themselves


We believe children’s play should be nurtured, creating an atmosphere where children can feel confident that their ideas and voice can be heard and valued.


We believe our natural environments offer children calming but stimulating play spaces where they can investigate, explore and learn.


We believe children should be given the opportunity to feel safe to develop in their own time and pace. Rainbow is a place where childhood is valued.


We believe an atmosphere of warmth, care and happiness will help our children to make meaningful memories which will last a lifetime.

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