About Rainbow

What makes us special?
We believe a positive experience at nursery helps create strong and lasting foundations for later in life

What makes us special?

We believe a positive experience at nursery helps create strong and lasting foundations for later in life and our beautiful homely nursery offers a calm and stimulating environment which is a warm and welcoming extension of home.  At Rainbow children are given the time and space to wonder and investigate, talk and ask questions, discover, create and learn and develop authentic relationships nurturing them to become resilience, confident and independence.

My name is Gillian, I founded Rainbow Day Nursery School in September 1985 following a career in nursing and teaching, and Rainbow opened one day following my eldest Grandson’s second Birthday! Over the years Rainbow has grown like “Topsy”. Initially we were registered for 20 children aged 2-5 years old, we then extended and increased to 30 children. In 1993 I moved out of my flat and the “Cherubs” unit was formed providing 16 places for babies. In 2000 I was lucky to win a “Sealed Bid” and purchase the WRVS premises! This provided an area for the Pre-school Explorers and a second large garden. We are now registered for 65 children. During the years my youngest daughter and eldest son have both worked at Rainbow and following my return from retirement I am now working with my youngest Grandson and enjoying the experience!

My name is Julian, I joined Rainbow Day Nursery School in November 2020 as both a Director and Nominated Individual. This means I am responsible for ensuring that all aspects of Rainbow’s Day to day operations are in line with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

In achieving this, I work closely with all members of the Rainbow ‘team’ and have greatly enjoyed getting to know everyone. I have previously held senior roles within Children’s Services in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) and before that in Jersey, Channel Islands.

I have particular experience in the area of special educational needs and am a registered and practicing educational psychologist. When I am not working, you may well find me kayaking and paddle boarding with my family, at various locations across the country.

My name is Edward, I joined Rainbow Day Nursery School to assist my father, Gerry, in developing the Business. In October 2020, I took over his role and was subsequently appointed Business Manager. I work closely with Alyssa and we have formed an effective partnership, supporting all aspects of Rainbow’s business.

I studied Business and Management at university, however, I am also fortunate to have my grandmother, Gillian, fully committed to the business and giving me much support.

I also enjoyed my own early years at Rainbow along with my brother, cousins and nieces, and we all have many happy childhood memories of the setting. Rainbow has always played an enormous part in our lives.

My name is Sarah, I have worked at Rainbow Day Nursery since 2007. I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead (known as the DSL), having completed my Level 3 training for this role in November 2020. My main responsibilities are to support and guide staff with completing incident forms, however, I work alongside Alyssa on a daily basis to safeguard the children and promote their welfare.

I am also the Deputy SENCo, having completed my qualification for this role in 2016.

My name is Alyssa, I am the Deputy Manager at Rainbow Day Nursery. I started my childcare training with Rainbow in 2017 and have now completed my NVQ Level 3 in Childcare. My role is to ensure the smooth running of Rainbow Nursery, which includes making sure all daily room checks are completed.

I also have responsibility for learning and development at Rainbow Nursey, and work closely with all room leaders and keyworkers, to ensure children are reaching their full potential. As one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL), I also work closely with Sarah where my role is to ensure staff are aware of all relevant policies and procedures.

I have always wanted to work in Childcare and very much enjoy developing my knowledge and understanding within my role.

My name is Emma, I am the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (known as the SENCo) at Rainbow Day Nursery. I am also the Room Leader for Cherubs (the Baby Room).

I have worked at Rainbow since 2014 and have learned and gained so much in my time here, having completed my Level 5 qualification in Childcare. As SENCo, my role is to support staff in working with children, who have special educational needs (SEN), which can include the following areas: speech, language and communication; social and emotional development; physical disabilities; cognition and learning as well as sensory needs including visual and hearing impairment.

Our Ethos


We believe respecting our children as individuals will encourage their personalities to develop, promoting their independence, creativity and resilience.


We believe Rainbow is a place for children to encounter authentic experiences which ignite their curiosity, wonder and awe


We believe everyone makes a difference and we embrace and encourage children to be themselves


We believe children’s play should be nurtured, creating an atmosphere where children can feel confident that their ideas and voice can be heard and valued.


We believe our natural environments offer children calming but stimulating play spaces where they can investigate, explore and learn.


We believe children should be given the opportunity to feel safe to develop in their own time and pace. Rainbow is a place where childhood is valued.


We believe an atmosphere of warmth, care and happiness will help our children to make meaningful memories which will last a lifetime.

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