0-2 years

Our calm and tranquil newly refurbished baby room is situated on the 1st floor and is a wonderful room full of textures, lights and creativity where babies are encouraged to explore and be freely creative.

All our babies have access to their own secure garden where they can enjoy the fresh air. As they start finding their feet, the soft safety surfacing is the perfect place to practice their new skills.

The baby room has minimal adult furniture to encourage the children to crawl in a safe nurturing environment.

The room also has wonderful treasure baskets and sensory toys, rich in different textures for babies to grasp and manipulate. Mirrors are also a part of the baby room enabling them to experiment with shadows and reflections.

The room has a soft play area adjacent, helping babies to learn new motor skills and develop physical activities in a fun and stimulating way.

We strive to make the transition from home to nursery as smooth and reassuring as possible for you leaving your little one for the first time. Our main priority is the happiness of you and your baby.

Through friendly informative chats during our free settling in sessions we will gain a detailed look into your child’s needs and routine and will be led by baby’s natural sleep and feeding patterns. Rainbow is a nursery where every baby’s individual needs are met.

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