Nutrition & Food

The kitchen is the heart of every home and at rainbow this is no exception!!

We believe in the importance of a healthy balanced diet to establish good foundations for future health and wellbeing, but more importantly we love food and want to share the wonders of home cooking with our children.

Our delicious home-made meals are cooked from scratch each day in our own nursery kitchen, ready for our children to enjoy.

Our nursery cook has designed each recipe with consideration for the age of children we cater for in terms of both nutrition and portion size, ensuring that our meals are well-balanced for growing bodies.

We operate 3-week rotating menus, full of tasty and interesting dishes that provide children with a wide range of meals from around the world.  We use fresh seasonal ingredients and do no add any sugar or salt to our meals. Some of our children have varied tastes and tolerances, so from our delicious curries to our tasty hotpots, we cater for all cultural and dietary requirements and have a robust system in place to ensure our children safely have the right food.

Our mealtimes are a social occasion and an opportunity for our children and practitioners to interact within our family environment. Our children have the opportunity to self-serve their own dinners and are encouraged to try new foods which widen their knowledge and taste buds.

Getting our children involved – Cook School

Allowing children to really understand the process of what goes into a dish and seeing these different ingredients can help familiarise children with a wider range of foods. At Rainbow we have a designated Cook School and our weekly cooking sessions open up discussions about different foods, where they come from, what ingredients are required and provide a hands-on experience.  Our children take pride in their cooking and have enjoyment in trying what they have created. In our sensory garden children are involved in growing and maintaining the herbs which they use in their cooking sessions, providing the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of where food comes from.

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